Leslie Humphries

Communicative Disorders Assistant

B.A. Hons, CDA

Phone: 905-637-5522 x 232
After stumbling across linguistics in my first year of undergrad, I found a subject and field that I had never heard of and was immediately intrigued by the idea that language, communication and the development of language was a whole avenue unto itself to explore and study. This led me into researching what career path to take with a linguistics degree and in discussions with one of my professors I sought out various volunteer and observation opportunities. During my time volunteering with an adult day program in their aphasia communication group, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I went on to finish my Honours Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science of Language at McMaster University, and from there completed my Graduate Degree in Communicative Disorders Assistant at Durham College. 

I feel honoured to get to work closely with individuals of all ages and abilities, along with their families, to provide and assist in developing and/or regaining the skills they require for day to day life.

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