My Child’s First Appointment – What to Expect

Before taking your child to their first appointment with a Speech-Language Pathologist it’s a good idea to take the time to prepare them for this new experience, letting them know where they will be going, when and why. Be positive and honest with your child, addressing any questions or concerns they might have.

The Speech-Language Pathologist will likely have gathered as much case history information about your child and the nature of their particular challenges as possible, in order to tailor the first session to the specific needs of your youngster. Feel free to call ahead prior to the first session if you have any outstanding questions.

Younger children might be invited to bring along a special toy or other item (e.g., favourite book or blanket) to the first appointment to help ease them into the session and in meeting the new clinician. It also provides a conversational item to allow the clinician to hear the child’s language skills during spontaneous interactions.

As your child’s parent and/or guardian, you will be asked to sign a Health Consent Form- upon arrival at the office of S.L. Hunter & Associates, granting consent for treatment, providing cancellation policies, the clinic rates for service and privacy policy information.

In most instances, parents are encouraged to stay for the appointment. Once in the clinician’s office, young children may engage in diagnostic play, while older children will engage in conversation to build rapport and comfort level with the clinician. The assessment process, may be conducted either formally – through standardized testing or informally through observation, diagnostic play, rating forms and/or check lists.

Once the assessment is complete, recommendations are made as to the need for any further assessment, treatment goals may be established and/or additional sessions will be scheduled if required. Generally home practice activities are assigned for completion in the home to start the process of practicing skills learned during the session, in other environments. S.L. Hunter & Associates provides a complete range of assessment and treatment services for children in their development of speech, language and communication. Any parent that has concerns in these areas is welcome to contact the clinic to set up an appointment or speak with a Speech Language Pathologist for further information.

The offices of S.L. Hunter & Associates are located at 5195 Harvester Rd. Unit 4B. They can be reached by telephone at 905-637-5522 or online at