Signature Services

For more information on any of these group programs, please contact us at [email protected] or 905-637-5522. If you do not see a group program here that fits your needs, please feel free to contact us so that we can tailor a social group/pairing for your particular needs/skills.

adult online therapy

Online Support for Brain Injury

SpeechWorks is currently offering online services with direct 1:1 support for clients with a focus on the maintenance of their...

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Family enjoying a social thinking group-SL Hunter Speechworks

Social Thinking Groups®

Social Thinking ® is a unique group opportunity based on the work of Michelle Garcia-Winner.

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group of children having fun

Social Thinking® Summer Program

We offer a 6-week summer program focusing on the skills and strategies of the Social Thinking concepts created by Michelle Garcia Winner.

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Family enjoying the aphasia gym-SL Hunter Speechworks

The Aphasia Gym

Aphasia is a communication problem following a stroke or brain injury that affects the language areas of the brain. 

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Family enjoying voice and communication group

Transgender Voice & Communication Group

S. L. Hunter SpeechWorks is proud to offer a transgender voice and communication group! 

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young women with finger on transgender symbol for transgender voice training

Transgender Voice Training

This part of our clinical practice involves working with transgender clients who are interested in cultivating a voice and communication style that...

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Family enjoying a workshop and continuing education-SL Hunter Speechworks

Workshops and Continuing Education

SL Hunter SpeechWorks is excited to offer various workshop and continuing education opportunities for professionals and patients.

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