Writing Difficulties

There are a wide range of writing difficulties from those who are diagnosed with a writing disability such as dysgraphia or learning disability to those who are just lagging behind and could benefit from some focused writing assistance.  

Writing difficulties can seriously impact a child’s performance in school and if persisting into adulthood, can also cause difficulties in the workplace.  Writing difficulties are best addressed when caught at a young age, but can be improved at any age if provided with adequate support. 

Signs of writing difficulty include:

  • Poor spelling

  • Difficulty explaining/elaborating on ideas

  • Problems organizing ideas

  • Incomplete, incorrect, or awkward sentences/poor grammar

  • Messy handwriting

A Speech-Language Pathologist can provide targeted help to build writing skills as well as coordinate with the school/teacher to accommodate the student’s weaknesses or build on their strengths. 

A young lady distracted with ADHD-SL Hunter Speechworks


ADD/ADHD are learning disabilities which are characterized by difficulty paying attention, and in some cases acting impulsively and displaying...

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Encoding is the ability to use and understand how to apply the letter-sound correspondence to write.

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A young girl showing learning Disabilities-SL Hunter Speechworks

Learning Disability

A person with a learning disability may have impaired language processing, phonological processing, visual spatial processing, and more.

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A mom teaching her daughter literacy-SL Hunter Speechworks


Early literacy development begins with children looking at books and listening to their parents read.

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Toddler showing phonemic awareness-SL Hunter Speechworks

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is an important pre-reading skill. More specifically, it is an underlying component of phonological awareness.

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A family showing Phonological awareness-SL Hunter Speechworks

Phonological Awareness

If a child struggles with phonological awareness, they will often go on to have difficulties reading and writing. 

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