Fluency Plus Program

The Fluency Plus Program was developed for the child who has confirmed stuttering. The program is effective if the child is fully aware of the speech issue and is able to discuss it and answer questions about it. Depending on the age of the child, a full or modified program may be of benefit. 

The child focuses on targets that emphasize the specific speech muscle movement skills necessary to produce fluent speech. This program also delves into the psychological/ anxiety aspects of stuttering for a comprehensive therapeutic approach to improving fluency. Family support and follow through with activities and practice exercises is also extremely important for the child to succeed in the program.

Examples of speech targets covered throughout this program include:

  • Full Breath

  • Stretched Syllable

  • Gentle Onset

  • Light Contact

  • Blending

  • Full Movement

Fluency Plus involves three phases of treatment: establishment, transfer, and maintenance to help children learn and apply the fluency shaping strategies both inside and outside of therapy sessions.

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