Accent Reduction

Accent reduction involves lessening the intensity of a regional or first-language accent when speaking English. The treatment involves four steps: recognition, reproduction and repetition, and generalization. The goal of accent reduction is not to erase the accent completely, but rather to make sure it doesn’t prevent a person from clearly communicating with confidence in a variety of settings.  Accent reduction programs can be beneficial for those people who find their accent is holding them back in the workplace or who are struggling to learn the slang or “lingo” of social conversation in English.

Benefits from receiving  accent modification/reduction sessions include:  

  • Increased ability to be understood by others

  • Increased confidence when speaking in English in a variety of settings e.g. workplace, with friends

  • Increased ability to understand English

  • Increased ability to be understood on the phone and during presentations

  • Ability to enjoy communication in a variety of settings without worrying about your pronunciation

If you find your accent is holding you back in the workplace, an accent reduction program may be helpful in lessening the intensity of your accent. Working with a qualified speech-language pathologist with specific knowledge in this area is a worthwhile avenue to help you achieve your goals.

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