Transgender Voice Training

This part of our clinical practice involves working with transgender clients who are interested in cultivating a voice and communication style that is in better alignment with their gender. We work with individuals at various stages of their transitioning journey.


A comprehensive assessment of the vocal mechanism may be required as it is not uncommon for people to present with voice-related abnormalities that must be addressed before moving forward with training. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostics including videostroboscopy for an in-depth analysis of vocal cord function, and auditory/visual biofeedback with the Visipitch acoustic analysis system. The information we gather will determine the health and habits of the vocal mechanism and will guide the training process.


Transgender Voice & Communication Training is highly individualized. Our Speech-Language Pathologist will work with you to develop goals that are a priority for you which may include aspects of the following:

  • Vocal hygiene

  • Laryngeal tension release

  • Pitch modification

  • Resonance balance

  • Intonation / inflection patterns

  • Speech parameters (articulation, rate, volume levels)

  • Language (word choice and conversation styles)

  • Non-verbal communication (body language, movement styles, facial expression)

  • Communication confidence

For more information or to speak directly to a Speech-Language Pathologist, please feel free to contact us today!


We are proud to offer a transgender voice and communication group! This group is for those individuals looking to modify their voice (pitch, rate, intonation and resonance patterns), communication style, and body language to suit their identity, in a positive and supportive environment. The group runs at varying intervals depending on participant needs. Email [email protected] or call 905-637-5522 ext. 224 for more information and to register.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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