Group Therapies

Please find some of our signature therapy services for our Group Therapies below:

Family enjoying the brain injury/stroke groups-SL Hunter Speechworks

Brain Injury/Stroke Groups

We do our best to match individuals with others who will help to foster improvement of communication in the best way possible.

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ComMusicate™️ is a music-based group intervention program designed to enhance and improve speech, language, and communication skills. Created...

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Family enjoying a language and literacy summer camp-SL Hunter Speechworks

Language & Literacy Summer Camp

We offer a language and literacy summer camp for children ages 4-7 to boost their fundamental skills for reading in a fun and interactive way. The...

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Family enjoying a social thinking group-SL Hunter Speechworks

Social Thinking Groups®

Social Thinking ® is a unique group opportunity based on the work of Michelle Garcia-Winner.

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group of children having fun

Social Thinking® Summer Program

We offer a 6-week summer program focusing on the skills and strategies of the Social Thinking concepts created by Michelle Garcia Winner.

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Family enjoying the aphasia gym-SL Hunter Speechworks

The Aphasia Gym

Aphasia is a communication problem following a stroke or brain injury that affects the language areas of the brain. 

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