Swallowing/Feeding Disorders

S.L. Hunter Speechworks has therapy services for Swallowing/Feeding Disorders:

A young girl with down syndrome-SL Hunter Speechworks

Down Syndrome

Children with Down Syndrome have structural and functional differences which often lead to speech issues.

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Older man suffering from dysphagia throat pain, treated by S.L. Hunter Speechworks in Burlington Ontario


The medical term for difficulty in swallowing is dysphagia and is more common than many may realize.

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Old Women with swallowing disorder-SL Hunter Speechworks

Swallowing Disorders

Being able to swallow our saliva or food is something that we do constantly and is a necessity if we are going to live a healthy life.

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Doctor checking for Tongue Thrust-SL Hunter Speechworks

Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust describes a swallowing and tongue rest pattern in which an individual pushes the tongue against or between the teeth.

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