This section answers frequently asked questions about SL Hunter Speechworks therapy options, clinic sessions, referrals and conditions. For all other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic for further information at 905-637-5522 or 1-877-887-5522. 

Most Popular FAQs

No. But most extended health benefits plans include coverage for SLP services. It’s important to know, though, that we do not bill your EHB provider directly.

As long as there is not a qualified SLP in your area and as long as it’s in your best interest to receive treatment this way, it’s possible. We would need your written consent to do so.

Yes, we are open in the evenings and sometimes on the weekends depending on clinician availability and client demand.

No, we don’t. Mastercard charges more fees to finance the extensive points they offer to clients. What most folks don’t know is that small businesses like ours are paying for those points. We do accept Visa, debit, cash, cheques and e-transfers.

Yes, we provide assessment & amp treatment for all ages!

We would need to conduct an assessment to determine her needs – treatment goals, approaches and the amount of treatment required are different for everyone - success rates improve when a client is highly motivated.

We have a state of the art voice lab to assist with voice-related changes and experienced clinicians to assist with the other aspects of communication that may be relevant to your transition. We offer both individual and group treatment.

Non-verbal communication, including facial expression, is very important in relaying messages tocommunication partners. A lack of facial expression may send the wrong message to the listener or may confuse communication partners. Having this assessed by a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist would provide you with feedback and a possible plan of treatment.

Yes! The Aphasia Gym is a wonderful program that we are currently offering at a local long-term care facility. It is a very meaningful communication group for people who know more than they can say. As long as enough residents join the group, we can run it. And we by all means, encourage program coordinators to bring in residents from other facilities to expand their group or individuals can join the program run at an alternate facility. If your father’s needs are better suited to individual treatment, we can certainly provide that at his residence as well. To keep the travel and mileage costs down for clients, we do our best to group other clients’ appointments in the same region.