Will a private school help my child?


Private School Considerations

With education and funding being ever-present topics of interest in our society, it isn’t surprising that parents face a growingly complicated choice when deciding on a school for their child. Beyond the logistics of location and work-school schedules, there are other areas to consider as well that could influence the choice between private and public school for your child. After seriously considering the cost difference between the two educational systems, the most important thing would be finding a school that will provide your child with a solid educational foundation for future academic, career, and personal success. All schools will allow you to visit and meet with the teachers and principals, so take these opportunities and get to know the people and environment. Take your child with you and let them meet the teachers and explore the classrooms!

What if my child has learning needs?

If your child has needs including speech and language, ask questions, explore, and find the best fit for your family and your child. Both private and public school administrators and educators do their best to create the most optimal learning environment possible. Furthermore, both private and public schools work to support their students by hiring qualified teachers who are excited about their subject areas and work hard to further not only their student’s knowledge and success, but their own as well. Although private schools are known for their smaller class sizes, both provide in-school and extracurricular help for students with needs in language, literacy and speech and language. If your child needs extra help for their learning needs a speech-language pathologist may also be able to help!

Educate Yourself

Stay informed – the more you can learn about the school, the teachers and their qualifications, and how they can best support your child, the better equipped you will be to make your decision. Don’t by shy! Educators are prepared to answer your questions and understand the intricacies of choosing a school that best suits your child’s needs. Involve your child in the decision, if possible, so that everyone is comfortable and excited about your child’s educational journey.
Any choice, change or new commitment takes some time to adjust to and the best you can do is take things one step at a time. However, enrolling your child in a school does not have to be a lifetime commitment. Your child’s as well as your family’s needs may change and making the choice to change schools to better suit your child’s needs, is fine! The choice is ultimately yours.


Djurdjica Gacic is a Communicative Disorders Assistant and a strong advocate for client centered, functional, engaging and fun therapy that supports each person's social, emotional and life long communication needs. With over 10 years of experience, she enjoys supporting clients of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals and be successful in all of their endeavours!