The Aphasia Gym

Aphasia is a communication problem following a stroke or brain injury that affects the language areas of the brain. It may result in difficulty in any or all areas of communication: speaking, reading, writing, understanding, drawing, and using gestures. It does not affect intelligence and people with Aphasia “know more than they can say.”

The Aphasia Gym is designed for people:

  • who have Aphasia (chronic or progressive in nature) and for others who know more than they can say

  • who are living at home or residing in long-term care facilities

  • who can maintain attention for at least 35 minutes

  • who are able to participate in a group setting

The Aphasia Gym will focus on the following:

  • participating in conversation

  • discussing current events and topics

  • asking and answering questions

  • making thoughts and opinions known to others through various modes of communication (speech, gesture, writing, drawing, etc.)

  • improving communication confidence

  • making social connections

Cost: $99/month

Aphasia Gym Days:

  • Tuesdays in Grimsby – 1:30-2:45

  • Wednesdays in Burlington – 1:30-2:45

  • Thursdays in Cambridge – 1:30-2:45


Please contact us to register!

Members of the Aphasia Gym may be eligible to submit the cost under extended health benefits, provided that they attend one of the 4-5 sessions offered within the month. The Aphasia Gym may also be funded through Veterans Affairs.

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